BlueTrak I


Shown above is a complete panel mounted BlueTrak I consisting of the controller, cooling water filter, and spectrometer cell. All that is needed for a complete chemical control system is a typical chemical feed pump.

Accurate, automatic control of chemical inhibitor concentration in cooling towers is now possible with development of the BlueTrak I unit by Prochemtech International, Inc. and Advantage Con-trols. Operation of this unit is based upon the non-toxic organic colorant tracer technology, BlueTrace tm , developed by Prochemtech International, Inc. in 2006 for field testing of phospho-nate – polymer cooling water treatment products. The BlueTrak I uses an on-line laser diode spectrometer to determine the amount of product in the cooling water, compares this value to the set control limit, and adds product as needed to automatically maintain the set control level.

BlueTrak automatic control technology is also available on various Advantage Controls, Inc., systems such as the Megatron and Microtron series units.


Electrolytic Bromine Biocide Units



Patent pending MiniBrom units produce electrolytic bromine for use as a cooling water biocide by electrochemical oxidation of a diluted, aqueous scale inhibited solution of sodium bromide and chloride via use of an electrolytic cell made of impregnated graphite and a low voltage (12 volts max) direct current power supply. The produced electrolytic bromine solution has a level of 0.4 to 0.8%, measured as total bromine, which gives it an OSHA non-hazardous classification. After addi-tion to the cooling tower, the electrolytic bromine degrades to non-hazardous bromide, eliminat-ing discharge of toxic, hazardous biocide chemicals in the cooling tower blowdown.

MiniBrom units are supplied as components (shown at right), a power supply, electrolytic cell, and dilution tank; or as a complete ready to operate assembly mounted on the dilution tank (shown below). Biocide dose control is generally via an outside timed source turning the unit on and off, such as a typical cooling tower controller with a biocide timer function, or via an optional unit timer. Automatic polarity reversal is provided to provide for self cleaning of the electrodes. Units are capable of dose feed against a maximum back pressure of 80 psi.

Blended salt mixture, PCT 3023, or concentrate aqueous salt solution, PCT 3024, utilized to make the diluted feed solution are both USEPA registered for use as biocide precursors. Both products are also classified by DOT and OSHA as “non-hazardous”. Typically, any potable water source can be used as dilution water.



MiniBrom units should be sized to produce a residual total bromine level of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/l in the cooling water following a maximum of four (4) hours unit operation. For design purposes, a total bromine demand of 2 mg/l is assumed for a typical cooling water.


For difficult to service locations, PCT 3023, a blended dry salt mixture is recommended. This eco-nomical, concentrated precursor is mixed at 15 lbs of product to 50 gallons of dilution water, note that a mixer is highly recommended on the dilution tank.

For most locations, PCT 3024, a concentrate aqueous salt solution, is more convenient and a mixer is generally not needed. This precursor is mixed at 1 gallon of product to 25 gallons of dilution water.

Electrolytic Cell

The electrolytic cell is constructed of two (MB 1 and 2.5), or three (MB 5), one inch thick impreg-nated ultra high density graphite plates with 0.25 inch spacing between plates to form the cell with overall dimensions of 5.5″x 5.5″x 2.25″ for the MB1, 7.5″ x 7.5 “x 2.25″ for the MB-2.5, and 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 3.5” for the MB-5. The MB 1 and 2.5 are commonly termed monopolar cells, while the MB 5 is a bipolar unit passing the electric current through two cells in series. Plates are “diamond” mounted with the bottom corner receiving diluted feed solution and the output bromine solution removed from the opposing upper top corner. The entire electrolytic cell is housed in a ventilated plastic box.

Power Supply

The power supply is an amperage limited solid state linear unit designed to provide direct current at the rated output amperage, 12 volts maximum output, input power of 110 vac, and con-structed to NEC requirements using UL approved components. Power supply equipped with posi-tive displacement cooling fan, amp meter, polarity reversing switch and timer, on-off power switch with indicator, and fuses on both low and high voltage circuits.

MiniBrom Unit Specifications


MiniBrom options:

– rack mounted on dilution tank

– mixer mounted on dilution drum, 110 vac, 1/20 hp

– dose control timer

Unit dimensions:

power supply – 13″ X 15″ H X 6.25″ D

electrolytic cell – 12″ X 12″ X 7″ D

dilution tank – 46″ H X 24″ D

unit mounted on dilution tank – 67″ H X 24″ D

Dilution Tank

Dilution tanks for all units are made from 55 gallon capacity DOT approved polyethylene drums. As an option, the MiniBrom can be mounted directly on top of the dilution tank with a FRP mount-ing rack. The transfer pump is mounted directly on top of the tank along with the optional mixer provided for use of dry salt precursor.

Transfer Pump

MiniBrom units are supplied with Advantage, Stenner, or LMI chemical pumps, and 16 feet of 0.375 PE tubing to route the produced bromine solution to the feed point.

MegaTron SS and BlueTrak
Automatic Chemical Control for Cooling Towers

Accurate, complete automatic control of blowdown, chemical inhibitor concentration, and biocide feed in cooling towers is easily accomplished using MegaTron SS control units with the BlueTrak sensor. BlueTrak operation is based upon a patented, non-toxic organic colorant tracer technology. BlueTrace cooling water treatment products are based on an on-line laserdiode spectrophotometer sensor which determines the amount of product in the cooling water, compares this value to the set control limit, and adds product as needed to automatically maintain the set control level.


Shown is a complete panel mounted MegaTron SS with BlueTrak sensor and cooling water filter. All that is needed for a complete chemical control system are two chemical feed pumps.

A complete system consists of an Advantage MegaTron SS equipped with both flow and BlueTrak sensors, blowdown valve, and chemical pump(s). This system provides fully automatic control of cycles of concentration via conductivity, if requested, on-line sensing and control of inhibitor level, and time based feed of one halogen biocide. MegaTron controllers can be equipped with all the latest remote reporting (WEB or otherwise), alarm, adjustment, and data summary capabilities as options.