ZeroTek Chemical Control Station

Above is a typical installation of ZeroTek chemical management equipment. Shown above is an Advantage Megatouch Color Chemical Controller. Also inside the cabinet is Advantage Nano Corrosivity Meters, highlighting one for Mild Steel and one for Copper and Pulsafeeder chemical pumps.

Advantage MegaTouch Color Chemical Controler

The Megatouch Controller shows the Conductivity currently reading 12,231 uS/cm. Make-Up water is 300 uS/cm. The system is currently operating at 40.77 cycles of concentration (COC). Typical cycles in the Orlando, Florida are is 3 to 3.5 COC.

Also note the pH of 9.6. Fresh water is typically around 7.4 – 7.6 pH. When fresh water organisms encounter pH greater than 9.2, they begin to die. As a result this high pH acts as a biocide killing many organisms such as algae, fungus, bacteria, including Legionella.

Advantage Nano Corrosivity Meter – Mild Steel

This is an Advantage NANO Corrosivity Meter close-up. Note, that even though the system is operating above 40 COC, the corrosion rate for Mild Steel is well below 1 milligram per square inch per year (MPY) Excellent rating on MPY is something below 1 for Mild Steel.

Advantage Nano Corrosivity Meter – Copper

This is a Close-Up of the Advantage NANO Corrosivity Meter for Copper. Note the reading is well below the 0.1 MPY recommended for Copper to be in the “Excellent” range.

Water Softener and Polishing Units

Shown above is the water softening equipment used to soften ALL make-up water going to the cooling tower. ZeroTek uses standard Pentair and Fleck equipment to avoid any proprietary equipment repairs in the future. These units are using Fleck 2900NXT2 electronic controllers.

In addition to softening the make-up water, the smaller tanks are used as “Polishing” units. Condenser water passes through these to remove any Hardness that may have escaped the Make-Up water softeners. This ensures that we maintain “Zero” Hardness in the Condenser water / Cooling Tower water.

Brine Tanks for Water Softeners

Pictured are the Brine Tanks used to hold the necessary salt solution to regenerate both the Make-Up water and Condenser water softeners.

Turbo-Disc Filtration Units

Shown above is the preferred filtration system for the ZeroTek System. This is Miller Leaman’s Turbo-Disc Filtration System. Condenser water flows through this filter to remove particulate matter greater than 5 microns; human hair is 40 microns. We also maintain suspended solids below 7.

As a result of this reduction in particulate size, there is less surface area for organics to grow. Organics examples, i.e. algae, fungus or bacteria, such as, Legionella.

Fiter automatically backwashes when a pressure differential (PD) has been met. Backwash lasts about 10 seconds, dispensing about 5 gallons of water to the sanitary drain.

Multi-media filters are also available to maintain suspended solids.