Boiler Water Treatment Programs

Boiler Water Treatment ProgramsThe steam plant is the heart of many manufacturing and food processing facilities. Boiler water treatment programs are designed to provide reliable, efficient operation of boiler systems which results in lower operating costs by reducing fuel use. Protection of costly to repair, or replace, system components, while avoiding downtime, is the other important function of a boiler water treatment program. Our experienced account managers and service technicians, supported by two manufacturing plants, veteran staff chemists and chemical engineers, a certified laboratory, and staff CWT; design boiler water treatment programs to prevent scale and deposit formation on heat exchange surfaces while controlling corrosion throughout the entire boiler system.

Vanguard Industries, Inc. is a one stop shop for chemical boiler treatment products and boiler room equipment for your applications including:

  • Alkaline Sequestrant Scale and Deposition Control Products
  • Traditional Chelant, Phosphate, and Carbonate Cycle Scale Control Products
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Condensate Treatments
  • Alkalinity Adjustment Products
  • Dispersant Polymer Products
  • Boiler Water Chemical Testing Equipment and Reagents
  • Mix Tanks and Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Complete Chemical Control Systems
  • Cation Exchange Water Softeners
  • Dealkalizers
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Separate Bed Deionizers
  • Condensate Polishers
  • Inclined Plate Clarifier Chemical Softening Systems
  • Custom Design and Manufactured Boiler Room Water Treatment Equipment