Turn Your Cooling Tower
into an


Energy & Water Technology

Why Zero Tek?

  • Zero scale
  • Zero corrosion rates
  • Zero Legionella bacteria
  • Zero equipment overhead
  • Zero hazardous acids
  • Zero biological fouling
  • Lower water cost by 20%
  • Lower sewer fees assistance
  • Reduced energy use by 20%

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The greatest consumer of
water and the second
largest consumer of energy, in
a building, is the HVAC system.
ZeroTek technology allows
significant energy and water
savings. ZeroTek is the only
successful patented water management program to allow reduce water and energy consumption, improve equipment longevity, prevent biological activity, including Legionella Bacteria and prevent and clean all scale on tower and condenser tubes, online.

If you are not getting 20 cycles of concentration, saving 1 million gallons per 500 tons, 20% on your power bill and turn your cooling tower into an annuity, you may be using the wrong water management program.