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 ZeroTek Energy and Water Technology

Can you image a technology that would eliminate scale, no corrosion and no Legionnaires Disease for your HVAC system? A technology that extends the life of your cooling towers and chiller equipment, while reducing energy consumption? A technology that could turn your cooling tower into a revenue generator, rather than the additional overhead it now is, while reducing possible unexpected downtime? Provide free chemical water treatment and large energy and water savings? Sound too good to be true….? This is the patented technology that ZeroTek Energy and Water Technologies brings to your HVAC plant.

For years ZeroTek has cleaned and maintained systems online removing scale, killing biological fouling and stopping corrosion to almost undetected levels. ZeroTek technology has been effective at colleges, universities, government installations, office buildings, processing plants and manufacturing facilities. National HVAC manufacturers and contractors are using ZeroTek Technology for Preventive Maintenance contracts for energy savings, while maintaining approach levels at manufacturer specifications on new and existing equipment contracts. Any scale deposits are removed online, reducing energy consumption and maintaining clean condenser tubes. Office buildings have utilized ZeroTek to secure additional funding for other “Green” building improvement projects. With documented zero Legionella Pneumophila colony counts, ZeroTek has helped many installations protect both the public and their employees against what has become a deadly bacterial infection. With low to no corrosion rates, ZeroTek Technology will extend the life of your HVAC equipment and the health of the people working in your HVAC plant.

Businesses utilizing ZeroTek Energy and Water Technology have received LEED Government recognition and State Energy and Water Conservation Awards.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your HVAC operation, we encourage you to contact us at info@vanguardfl.com regarding ZeroTek Energy and Water Technology system. It is affordable, practical and offers an opportunity to be good stewards to the community for energy and water conservation. Best of all, it is a system that has a track record of documented success for over 10 years.