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We would like to thank CG Solutions for their help in making water conservation a viable goal here in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We feel SofTek technology will go a long way In saving both, thousands of dollars and gallons of potable water, for our customers and our community.
We are currently presenting Sorrek, their “Green” water treatment management technology to our customers and potential customers with the intent of providing substantial energy and water savings, while at the same time preserving and conserving potable water.
CG Solution’s representatives are knowledgeable, courteous, and dependable. We look forward to working with them in providing both effective and efficient water treatment m.nagement, while conserving a signiflcant and finite resource.
Bryan M. Fullen
Service Foreman
Johnson Controls, Inc.
I wish to express how pleased we are you are providing.
Prior to CG solutions implementing its exclusive Zero Bleed chemical treatment system, we constantly struggled with mineral buildup in the evaporation tower, condenser tubes, and in-line strainers. This caused much inconvenience, reduced energy efficiency, frequent service interruptions, and would have ultimately resulted in mechanical failure.
Since implementing your services and chemical treatment, the algae and scale has literally melted away which now allows proper cleaning of condenser tubes, some of which were too clogged to accept brush cleaning.
Now, all eight Trane package units are restored to factory performance levels. This has lowered energy costs and reduced water consumption. The resulting savings means lowered operating costs which enable the building to be competitive with similar properties for lease in the marketplace.
Thank you both for your conscientious attention to detail. Your willingness to “go the extra mile” ensures utmost customer satisfaction and instills confidence that our water treatment system is in good hands.
William G. Owens
Vice President
The Allen Morris Company

  the algae and

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literally melted away…


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CNL commercial real estate is currently using CG Solution’s technology… We have a 900 ton HVAC system with three (3) Marley stainless steel cooling towers. We started with their low bleed program, then zero bleed technology.
As promised, the bleed line was turned off and in our first month of zero bleed we saved 140,000 gallons of water. We are anticipating even greater water savings this summer. We were able to operate the building with one (1) Trane unit, in the past years it has required two (2) units. The fully automatic system has also successfully removed the minor scaling issues we experienced in the past.
As an added bonus we resolved some water pressure issues the HVAC system had experienced in the past summer seasons due to excessive water consumption. The alternative solution to resolve this issue would have cost $25,000. We avoided this project as a result of reduced potable water consumption.
We are very pleased with the results and savings. From our experience, we would recommend anyone with a cooling tower to review ZeroTek for water savings, energy savings, and improving the longevity of your air conditioning equipment.
Jason Bowen
Property Manager

  in our first month,
we saved 140,000
gallons of water


  A near zero-bleed
program that really
CG Solutions has a near zero-bleed program that really works.
We were recently invited to Valencia Community College, West Campus to inspect ZeroTek, CG Solutions’ zero-bleed water treatment program. The college has four (4), 500 Ton Trane centrifugals. The HVAC cooling tower system was operating at over 40 cycles of concentration. There was no scale on the system, we saw no corrosion and all four (4) of the chiller approaches were under 0.5 degrees F.
The ZeroTek system reduces water consumption by 25 to 30% and can utilize potable, reclaim or well water. At the East campus, they are utilizing rain water and condensate harvesting. ZeroTek appears to be a very effective means of saving both water and money.
With the need to conserve resources in general and water specifically, we are looking forward to working with CG Solutions on this Green Water Treatment Management program. We wish them and their customer’s much future success.
Chris Hinton
Branch Sales Manager
Hill York Melbourne Branch
Over the years we have worked with many other chemical water treatment companies, the projects we have currently worked with CG Solutions offers an innovative product and service which has shown itself to be highly successful and beneficial to the end user.
In addition to an excellent corrosion inhibitor for soft water in the cooling tower, CG Solutions allows the bleed-line to the cooling towers to be turned off, saving the customers thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water per year. It greatly enhances the payback period for the purchase of our equipment and continues to save customers year after year.
We currently service several of CG Solutions ZeroTek water treatment accounts and it’s hard to believe they are operating these systems in excess of 40 cycles of concentration. The water looks like a swimming pool.
We are pleased to be working with them and wish them all the best in this water saving management treatment program. We look forward to many years of success and wish them all the best.

  It greatly
enhances the
payback period for
the purchase of our