ZeroTek – High Cycles Technology Definitions

  • ZeroTek: Our Green Water Treatment Management Program
  • HCT: High Cycles Technology
  • Conductivity: the measure of water’s ability to conduct an electric current. Either measured in Siemens or mm/cm.
  • COC: Cycles of concentration
  • COC: comparison of make-up dissolved solids with tower water dissolved solids. EXP: MU = 100 mm/cm, Tower = 300mm/cm, Cycles of Concentration = 3.00
  • Hardness: Natural occurring mineral salts (calcium and magnesium) found in most tower make-up water.
  • Hard water: Water that contains hardness.
  • Soft water: Water with hardness absent.
  • Alkalinity: Ions consisting of carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxides. These ions are present when the pH of a liquid is greater than 4.3.
  • pH: Potential for hydrogen ions, generally measured on a line from 0 to 14. 0 to 7 being acidic, 7 to 14 being basic.
  • Scale: Scale is a salt formed when the saturation point of natural occurring ions exceed their saturation point in the tower water. Generally, Alkalinity + Hardness with heat yields scale. Calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate are the more common scales in cooling towers.
  • Water Softener: removes primarily calcium and magnesium (hardness) from the water, replacing it with sodium, but not salt. No salt goes into the cooling tower when using a water softener, if operating correctly.
  • Spectrometer: Used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Maintains ZeroTek chemical levels in tower automatically.
  • Conductivity Meter: Maintains the concentration of dissolved solids in a liquid.
  • Bleed-off (blow down): Water concentrates in a cooling tower as a result of evaporation, the conductivity meter will open a solenoid to remove the highly concentrated water from the cooling tower. Fresh make-up will dilute the high solids.