Cooling Tower Treatment Programs

 Cooling Water Treatment

Evaporative cooling towers are popular as they provide the most cost effective cooling technology for air conditioning and industrial processes. Drought conditions and increasing water usage have combined to decrease the availability and increase the cost of the good quality, low hardness water preferred for cooling tower makeup use. At the same time, stricter environmental restrictions on effluent discharge have resulted in increased fees for disposal of cooling tower blowdown to the sewers. The addition of these concerns to the existing requirements for control of scale, corrosion, deposition, and biological fouling has increased the difficulty and costs associated with operating a cooling tower water system.

Vanguard Industries, Inc.  is a complete one stop shop for innovative chemical cooling water treatment programs, products, and equipment to minimize operating costs and preserve costly equipment. Specific technologies and products include:

  • HighCycle: Patented products for scale free operation at high cycles of concentration with hard, alkaline makeup water
  • ZeroTek: Patented products for operation at maximum cycles of concentration, including zero blowdown, with soft makeup water
  • BlueTrace: Patented spectrophotometric traced products for accurate chemical dose control
  • BlueTrak: Patented spectrophotometric on-line chemical dose controllers
  • Electrolytic Bromine: Patented on-site non-hazardous generators for microbiological control of cooling waters, including Legionella bacteria
  • ZincGard: White rust corrosion inhibitor
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Products
  • Biodispersants and Biocides
  • Closed Loop Treatments
  • Antifoams and Cleaners
  • Sidestream Filters and Makeup Water Softeners
  • Cooling Towers and Complete Cooling Tower Systems
  • Chemical Feed and Dosage Control Systems