What is ZeroTek?

ZeroTek is Vanguard Industries’ Green Water Treatment Management program. It is a High Cycle Technology (HCT) treatment program that will save millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars per year. It allows you a free water treatment program that generates revenues for as long as you are on the program.Across the sun-belt, 75% of the water coming into a commercial building will be used for comfort cooling or HVAC. Up to 50% of that water will be discharged down a drain. Our High Cycle Technology allows you to save up to 30% of the tower make-up water. ZeroTek saves, on average, 1 million gallons of water per year per 500 tons of nominal cooling. If you have twice the tonnage, you’ll have twice the savings. Also, as your water and sewer cost continue to increase, so will the savings with ZeroTek. Water reduction, as a result of High Cycle Technology, coupled with cost avoidance charges, as a result of sewer water deduct, can show tremendous savings. How much savings? Payback on ZeroTek equipment is generally less than 12 months. If sewer rebates are included, the payback is generally less than 6 months.

ZeroTek is a complete automated High Cycle Technology treatment program, not just a product. The intent of ZeroTek is to make your cooling tower look like a swimming pool. This is not a rhetorical sentence. A water softener is installed on the make-up line to the cooling tower to remove the mineral salts that drop out of solution on traditional treatment programs. A side-stream multi-media filter is placed on the condenser line. This filter does not restrict the flow of the condenser water and does not require any additional pumps. As a result of this filter, particulate matter down to 5 microns is removed from the condenser water, in essence “cold pasteurizing” your condenser water. In addition, ZeroTek includes, as named by OSHA, a non-hazardous biocide system to keep your condenser water free of algae, Legionella or any of a multitude of various invading organisms that can foul tubes or cause harm? or illness.

An active ingredient in ZeroTek chemistry is polysilicate; very people friendly, inert and replenishable. Polysilicates are superior corrosion inhibitors compared to anything currently on the market. It is monitored and controlled by use of a laboratory grade spectrometer. There is a 1% variance from the set point, providing near perfect control over the corrosion rates in your condenser loop. As the absorption rate drops below the set point, the chemical pump injects more chemical to maintain the proper inhibitor level. When the set point is achieved, the chemical pump stops. The controller may be viewed and controlled remotely via the internet, as well as, networked with your current building automation system.

Finally to attain High Cycle Technology, we will unplug your solenoid valve and close the ball valve on your bleed line. You will attain 20 to 60 cycles of concentration, depending on your water quality. ZeroTek is more effective the worse (high alkalinity, high hardness) the make-up water is. Make-up water can be any single source or a combination of any of the following water sources: potable, well, reclaim, condensate harvesting or rainwater harvesting.

With the use of any of these water sources, we will attain, as good as, or better than your current corrosion rates, while at the same time, removing any scale that is currently present in your system, including silica scale. This will lower your energy consumption and reduce your utility bill up to 25%.

Vanguard Industries, Inc. is active in USGBC LEED certification programs. We have helped take buildings through the certification process and have LEED AP’s and CEM’s on staff to help you on your next project. Up to 6 LEED points can be attained using ZeroTek Green Water Management Program. Currently, with traditional water treatment programs, 1 point is offered when sub-metering the cooling tower.?Vanguard Industries’ ZeroTek High Cycle Technology treatment program does appear to be too good to be true. However, we have installations available for site visits and references you are encouraged to contact. With water becoming more polluted and more expensive, High Cycle Technology (HCT) will be the traditional water treatment program in 5 to 10 years. Please ask us for a free Water Savings Profile.