About Us


Vanguard Industries Inc. was formed by a group of highly dedicated experienced water treatment professionals who believed that high quality chemicals was not enough to assure the total goals of customer satisfaction. Vanguard recognized the number one reason for customer dissatisfaction was service. It was this fact in mind that Vanguard began marketing its products thru degreed personnel with water treatment experience. These experienced people had already established themselves in their cities as solid professionals who understood both the mechanical and the water side of heat exchange equipment. They made both financial and customer commitments and Vanguard agreed to supply the highest quality products and technical training, along with state-of-the-art research and development.

The Company was formed in 1986. Our blending facility is located in Fenton, Missouri. Vanguard currently has locations throughout central and southeast US and are looking forward to expanding our services throughout the United States.


Vanguard manufactures boiler and cooling tower products and has over 250 different products to service our industry. These products encompass the latest in treatment technology, utilizing advanced polynmer formulations for scale, deposit and corrosion control and removal.

Vanguard is quickly becoming the nation’s leader in High Cycles Technology (HCT), ZeroTek, saving up to 30% of the make-up to the cooling tower using city, well, condensate, reclaim and rain water or any combination for tower make-up.


Graduate chemists are available to interpret and discuss testing needs, procedures and laboratory results.

Laboratory Capabilities

Water & Deposit Analysis

By performing filtration & colorimetric tests we are able to analyze over 85 million important water management parameters.

Resin Analysis

This provides a report on physical stability and exchange capacity of ton exchange resins.

Micro Biological Testing

Enables the detection of specific bacteria, algea and fungi in water before excessive growth causes problems.

Equipment and Techniques

Including, but not limited to:
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) : involves the separation of samples into their most basic molecular components. They then pass through a detector and are measured on a chart recorder.
  • Inorganic Atomic Absorption Analysis: analysis allows us to detect trace levels of metals in a sample.
  • Spectrometer: is used in colorimetric chemistry to measure the color intensity of a prepared sample which is proportional to concentration.
  • Wet Chemistry: the preparation of samples for colorimetric analysis and the filtration of samples.
  • Biological Dip slides & Biological Activity: reaction tests are methods to analyze for bacteria, algae and fungi.