On-Site Service

On Site ServiceBoiler and cooling water management programs work best when the supplier provides routine on-site service calls by either the account manager or an experienced technician. At the completion of each service call, a written service report is provided to appropriate facility personnel, either hard copy or electronic, which details test results, findings, observations, corrective actions taken, and recommendations for future activities. In addition to the routine on-site service calls, we also provide the following specific services to ensure that the water management program is working as designed to make your systems work as efficiently as possible.

Plant Survey or Audit

Our highly experienced account managers, often accompanied by senior staff, will conduct an initial thorough survey of your facility. This survey will provide a complete review of your water systems, current water management program, provide a baseline for measuring improvements, determine your goals and objectives, and pinpoint areas of concern or interest. From the survey a proposal will be generated for responsible facility personnel detailing operational, equipment, and program changes to improve plant operations.Audits or Program Reviews are conducted by senior staff for established customers to ensure that in place water management programs are providing the desired results, address any new concerns, and pinpoint possible future problems.

Service Plan

Vanguard provides a service plan for all accounts. The service plan is a mutually agreed to agreement with the customer detailing the specific services to be provided to the customer facility Service plans are typically detailed in the written proposal generated by the initial Plant Survey

Operations Manual

Based on the Plant Survey and Service Plan, an operations manual specific to the customer facility is provided. Operations manuals serve as a continuous training tool for facility operations personnel and typically provide a list of products in use, control ranges, test procedures, and applicable OSHA SDS.